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La Petite Collection

Issue #1

N. KATHERINE HAYLES, Parole, écriture, code
edited by Arnaud Regnauld and Emanuele Quinz


Translation of
- Speech, Writing, Code : Three World Views
(Chap. 2 de My Mother Was a Computer)
by Stéphane Vanderhaeghe


Preface Arnaud Regnauld
Postface Charles Ramond

Issue #2

edited by Emmanuel Guez and Frédérique Vargoz


Translation of
- Es gibt keine Software
- Protected mode,
By Frédérique Vargoz


Preface Emmanuel Guez, Frédérique Vargoz
Postface Jussi Parikka (translation by Valérie Vivancos)

Issue #3

JACK BURNHAM, HANS HAACKE, Esthétique des systèmes
edited by Emanuele Quinz


Translation of
- Jack Burnham, System Esthetics, Artforum sept 1968
- Real Time Systems, Artforum 1969
- Hans Haacke, Statements on Systems, 1967
by Franck Lemonde


Preface Emanuele Quinz
Postface Caroline A. Jones

The Petite Collection Arts-H2H is composed of several books focused on texts that are inaccessible or unknown from French readers and which had a great influence on research development between media, arts and culture. Each of them includes a preface and postface from an author which put the text into perspective and broaden the debate.

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