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Laetitia Dumont-Lewi

2016 post-doctoral contract

Projects : the augmented stage, the Petite Collection

Laetitia Dumont-Lewi holds a PhD in Theatre Studies from the University Paris Ouest-Nanterre. Her thesis was based on the Italian author-actor’s work Dario Fo. She was teaching Theatre Studies at the University Paris Ouest, at the Ecole normale supérieure and at the Université de Caen-Normandie.

Laetitia Dumont-Lewi’s post-doctoral contract is about hybridizations between theatre and television, and based on the study of stage directors who led artistic experimentations on television, taking a particular interest in the Italian case. This work aims to cweave links between research in Theatre Studies, Cinema Studies and Communication & Information Science. This work will be promoted via conferences about relations between performing arts and television in Europe, outside of which she will lead a cine-theatre experiment : showing a Carmelo Bene TV film with live dubbing, music and sound effects.

For the "Petite Collection", Laetitia Dumont-Lewi prepares the edition and translation of interviews with Carmelo Bene, about the TV medium. Bene’s thoughts on television, very especially on its possibilities of aesthetic expression, lead us to think both hybridization between theatre, cinema and television by questioning the concept of representation ; and look into the technological dimension of aesthetic research.

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