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The infinite body... Premises

Presenting the project "The infinite body" as part of the Festival les Impromptus

June 7-8, 2016
7:00 p.m.

Académie Fratellini
Quartier Landy France
Rue des Cheminots
93210 Saint-Denis La Plaine

RER: Stade de France St Denis (line D)

The project "The infinite body" is situated between a technological and organic universe. Research focuses on the movement experience without gravity, through the body of air acrobats. It combines circus, image, sound, digital and textile creation around the body as a medium, in order to analyze the relations real body/projected body.

Kitsou Dubois, weightlessness choreographer and Anne Sedes, composer, converge their practices of space and music and put sensors on the acrobats (Académie Fratellini trainees). They can perceive micro movements undefinable on earth as far as weight transfer is concerned, but easily identifiable through sound. They’re just like "on hold", listening to the sounds they create.

Choreographic creation: Kitsou Dubois
Musical creation: Anne Sedes with Quentin Nivromont and Rosa Castilla (master students)
Bass drum: Thierry Miroglio
Acrobats: Petteri Savokorpi and Léo Manipoud, trainees at the Académie Fratellini
Costumes: 3d year students at the Clothing Design Department of the ENSAD Paris, directd by Anne Ferrer
Partners: SACD – Processus Cirque, Ki Productions, Académie Fratellini, CICM Paris 8, ENSAD (département Design vêtements), LABEX Arts-H2H, SACD – Processus Cirque

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