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The filmed gesture: temporality, memory

Project leaders:
Christa Blümlinger
Mathias Lavin

In collaboration with:
Centre Allemand d’Histoire de l’Art (Paris, Andreas Beyer)
Université Libre de Berlin

This project will attempt to explore the temporal effects related to the phenomena of stopped movements, different from the stopped images, by associating them to the idea of deceleration.

The question of stopping the movement or more generally the question of stop in the image is still to be explored. Although the question of inserting photography in some films was subjected to many relevant comments which were followed by research on the dialectics between stop and movement in films. In order to conduct this reflexion, the project insists on temporal effects that can be related to suspension phenomena, by associating them to the idea of deceleration. That is to say as a positive inversion of the acceleration process affecting particularly evey aspects of social life since modernity.

After a one-day conference in November 2013, the project continues with an international symposium and a publication compiling the interventions. This research work could also include a series of workshops in small groups, with the Labex Arts-H2H and other partners (universities, museums, etc.), on a national and international scale.

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