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The filmed gesture: temporality, memory

International symposium

November 16-17, 2015

Salle Vasari
2, rue Vivienne
75002 Paris

Metro: Bourse (line 3)

Starting from the issue of the filmed gesture, this symposium will develop theoretical thinking about cinema as an art of time, taking into account recent hybridations and transformations that affected the cinema medium.

Giving priority to a dialogue between sciences, arts and techniques with the issues of temporality, memory and perception, our thinking will take note of an anthropological turning point in cinema and media studies, while questioning the body/machine relation. We will attempt to go back to the issue of the gesture when it is part of a audiovisual apparatus: from Muybridge to motion capture, we will wonder how the recording device brings a particularity, an other dimension, to the gesture, or how it programs it or invents it.

With the participation of:
Emmanuelle André (University Paris 7), Richard Begin (University of Montreal), Raymond Bellour (CNRS/C.R.A.L.), Martine Beugnet (University Paris 7), Christa Blümlinger (University Paris 8), François Bovier (University of Lausanne), Emmanuel Dreux (University Paris 8), Céline Gailleurd (University Paris 8), Mathias Lavin (University Paris 8), Pietro Montani (University Sapienza of Rome), André Parente (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Catherine Perret (University Paris 8), Frédéric Sabouraud (University Paris 8), Karl Sierek (University Schiller d’Iena), Antonio Somaini (University Paris 3), Jennifer Verraes (University Paris 8), Michael Witt (Roehampton University) and Hélène Fleckinger (University Paris 8).


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