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Lettrism and its time

Project leader: Fabrice Flahutez

At a time when lettrist artworks and archives are massively purchases by the United States, France should urgently consider these still alive postwar players. This project aims at filling an historiographic absence and gathering a researchers community to study and promote new archives corpus analyzed in the light of multidisciplinary requirements.

Reporting all sources (documents, contextual situations, descriptive processing), producing primary sources (plays, theater, symphonies, filmed interviews), promoting and exhibiting: these are the lines developped by the project during 2 years. Researchers’ work will begin by an international symposium (BnF-DFK). The Centre Pompidou will take part in the project by opening a lettrist room in its collections. In 2016 the project will aim at reviving lettrist artworks and will organize a second symposium which will draw up a report of the project.

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