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Digital Subject UK

Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy
School of Humanities
University of Dundee
Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4HN

Wednesday, April 1st
10 am – 6 pm
Room 2S15

Dalhousie Building
University of Dundee
(Building 14 on Campus Map)

The workshop is free to attend and open to all.

The event is a collaborative initiative between the Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy at Dundee, and the LABEX-sponsored ’Sujet Digital’ research network centred on the University of Paris VIII.

In the spirit of Humanities research at Dundee, our aim is to bring together voices from diverse disciplines (e.g. philosophy, cultural and literary studies, media studies, film, and contemporary art practice), and to inaugurate a ‘Digital Subject UK’ research network, capable of building upon and widening the established research successes of ‘Le Sujet Digital’.

- How enabling or disabling are concepts such as ‘the network’, ‘feedback’ and ‘information’ for contemporary forms of life?
- Is the Internet one or many things?
- Is the advent of the ‘Information Age’ something to be welcomed or feared?
- What role can philosophy play in thinking about information and communication technologies and forms of subjectivity emerging in relation to them?

These questions and other related ones will be tackled in this intensive one-day workshop at the University of Dundee.

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