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Reconsidering neuro-aesthetic studies

Research seminar
By Isadora Olivé

May-June 2015

Center CNRS Pouchet
59 rue Pouchet
75017 Paris

During the 4 sessions of this seminar, we will attempt to develop the ideas shared during the Hybrid Conference. First, we will give a lecture on history, principles and methods associated with empirical approaches for art appreciation. The sessions will include an overview of aesthetic schools, cognitive sciences and neuro-aesthetic from the 19th and 21st centuries.

By defining hypothesis and methodological choices, we will show how the combination of incorporation and empathy concepts with mirror neurons structures empirical research on art appreciation and dance spectatorship in particular. During the last sessions, we will show how these concepts of incorporation and empathy begin to shift towards the research field of the representation of the Self. Following these 4 theoretical sessions, a practical session (1 or 2 full days) during which we will see how to create experimental procedures to study relevant neuroaesthetic issues.

- Wednesday 13 May 9:30-12:30 room 159
- Wednesday 20 May 9:30-12:30 room 159
- Wednesday 27 May 9:30-12:30 room 255
- Wednesday 10 June 9:30-12:30 room 159
- Practical workshop (neuroaesthetic methods): June 11 and/or 12 (to be confirmed) all day.

Free admission for all.

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