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Les frontières du flou au cinéma

Edited by Pascal Martin and François Soulages

Collection Eidos
Retina Series

ISBN: 978-2-343-03681-6

214 p.

21 euros

ENS Louis-Lumière (Paris)
Arts des Images et Art Contemporain - EA 4010 (Paris 8)

After Les frontières du flou, 2013, we needed to pass from a global issue to a precise study: but why cinema? Because the boundaries between cinematographic subject and the psychological subject are thin, blur prevails: uncertainty, confusion — the unspeakable? Blow up, Anna Karénine, Adalen 31, Kaïro, Bleu, Harry dans tous ses états, Sunset Boulevard, Mauvais sang, Au-delà, Le procès, Une femme disparaît, Chott El Djerid, Removed, Le Film, So What ?...

What are the causes, modalities, exploitations, uses, consequences and stakes of the boundaries of blur in cinema? The relation between technics and esthetics, between non-art and art, between geoartistic and geopolitics. This book starts from artworks to reach issues, through techniques questionning. It is about cinema, image, contemporary art and their boundaries.

Pascal Martin is professor at the École Nationale Supérieure Louis-Lumière.


François Soulages is professor at the University Paris 8, director of the laboratory AIAC and project leader for the project Frontières.

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