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Louis Jouvet, stage creator, theater thinker

Project leader: Eve Mascarau

This project focuses on Jouvet’s writings, and aims at starting critical thinking about real work conditions on stage. In the field of theater studies, Jouvet the actor, the director, the professor, has a thin role. However, he never stopped recording his thoughts and in this respect, he is one of the most profilic theater actors-thinkers of the 20th century: he was interested in the "internal mechanics" of the profession and in how sound and lighting can improve working on set.

The exegesis of a vast corpus (BnF) will take the shape of a dialogue between researchers and actors (students from the CNSAD, directors, scenographers) in order to try this "actor thinking" on stage. The investigation will combine a scientific study of these texts during an international symposium, a promotion mission thanks to a new partnership between the Labex Arts-H2H, Radio France and INA, and a work on textual criticism.

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