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Maria Susana Paponi

Researcher invited in 2014

Professor of Philosophy

Professor and researcher at the University of Comahue, in Argentina, Maria Susana Paponi greatly contributed to the creation of a new national university able to give the Mapuche community the means for a recognition and a developement through arts, science and literature. In a region based on industrial and agricultural activities (mainly oil drilling an mining), she cares very much to this project as she is intimately related to the Mapuche identity.

Her research focused on two main directions : the first one consisted in following and closely studying the train of thought in Michel Foucault’s work, rediscovering the issues of subject and truth in the determination and stratification of cultural history. Then, the second one consisted in deepening Michel Foucault’s curiosity and concern with regard to the mutations of society and the human.

Her research currently deals with new policies for subjectivity, ideas of biotechnological machines, computer machine, technogenetic machine. By choosing this angle, Maria Susana Paponi supports a research aiming at maintaining, exploring and documenting thouroughly two centers of contemporary reflection.

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