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Mélisande Leventopoulos

2014 post-doctoral contract
Doctoral school : Esthétique, sciences et technologies des arts

Project : Cinema/video, art and politics in France since 1968

After a double major in history and cinema, Mélisande Leventopoulos presented in 2013 a thesis in contemporary history directed by Danielle Tartakowsky, at the University of Paris 8. She is currently ATER at the University Paris 8, member of the "Centre des recherches historiques : histoire des pouvoirs, savoirs, sociétés" and secretary-general of the AFRHC.

Mélisande Leventopoulos’ post-doctoral research will be associated to the project "Cinema/video, art and politics in France since 1968 : devices, archives, digital" led by Hélène Fleckinger. Mélisande will contribute to the study of educational, movie-making and projection practices developed in the fields of cinema and video within the Centre universitaire expérimental de Vincennes between 1969 and 1980.

She will suggest a personal interpretation from the angle of a political and social history, considering militant commitments, movie forms and cinema didactics. The aim is also to begin a vast work of collective research and to answer a preservation emergency through collecting, inventoring and indexing film and non-film archives.

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