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Musical prose and instrumental gesture 2: Pierrot lunaire is centenarian

Project leader:
Jean-Paul Olive

In collaboration with:
Pôle supérieur de musique 93

Following the first part — Musical prose and instrumental gesture: Six bagatelles for string quartet by Webern — the project "Pierrot lunaire is centenarian (poetic image, musical idea and counterpoint)" continues to reread main works from the Second Viennese School and keeps exploring important contributions to contemporary musical composition which have been often neglected or pushed back until today.

This second stage of the project focuses on Schoenberg’s centrepiece that is Pierrot lunaire, according to approaches similar to what was done for Webern’s Bagatelles: musicological dimension (analytic and esthetic), interpretive dimension, cinematic dimension, dimension of transmission, to which must be added a theatrical dimension, because of how specific Pierrot lunaire is.

The main approach of our research deals with intimate and complex relations between writing (musical prose) and interpreting (instrumental gesture), as well as the potential transmission of those relations though film writing. The project will give rise to a book and a movie, to be released in 2014.

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