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Conduit d’Aération 3 : methodology for a hyperfiction

Project leaders:
Alexandra Saemmer
Lucile Haute
Aurélie Herbet

In collaboration with:
Revue BleuOrange

Conduit d’Aération is a hyperfiction created in several forms: a performance (At the Centquatre in 2012, at the Institut Français and Ambassade de France à Rome in February 2013 and at the Cube - Center for digital creation in September 2013), a novel for iPad (exhibited at the Labo BnF from September 24th to December 1st 2013), a sound stroll for smart phones (web-application html5 in progress). Those are all presented in detail on our website.

Those versions involve different relations to the text. With this hyperfiction, we study issues related to writing, screen adaptation and space installation. As authors, designers and researchers, we adopt a phenomenological approach between involvement and distance. Our reflection relies more particularly on the possibility to create a hyperfiction going against the prejudices often associated with narrative hypertexts, such as the loss of bearings or maze-like reading.

With the tablet hyperfiction Conduit d’Aération, we wanted to explore the potential of a hyperlink supporting a logical and temporal coherence between several episodes of a narrative, while suggesting alternative paths. The use of digital tablets opened new experimentations in writing and design of interfaces that we will have to explore and model during the project’s last year. Finally, scenographic research were at the heart of the notion of "ambulatory hyperfiction" that we currently develop.

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