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Arthur Lefèvre

2014 PhD contract
Doctoral school : Cognition, Langage, Interaction (University Paris 8)

Thesis : the autonomous narrative, towards an algorithmic rhetoric for an automatic creation of fiction

Directed by Alexandra Saemmer

Arthur Lefèvre obtained a Master in Digital Writing Practices at the University of Paris 8, as part of which he presented a master’s thesis directed by Alexandra Saemmer and entitled Le texte autonome : une étude pour la génération automatique de fiction (the autonomous text, a study for automatic creation of fiction). He also prepares a Master in Social Sciences and Computer Science (University of Paris 8) and he worked at the Advanced Computer Science Laboratory of Saint-Denis as an intern. Arthur Lefèvre’s research fall within the tradition of generative literature initiated by Jean-Pierre Balpe at the University of Paris 8, but also within the hybridation approaches of the Labex Arts-H2H.

Arthur Lefèvre’s thesis project is situated in the field of digital literature, very especially in the field of automatic creation of fiction. His previous works enabled him to structure a generative architecture in which the logic of the "monde-raconté" (told world) evolves in an autonomous way and controls the logics of its narrative. Via this project, Arthur Lefèvre whishes to reaffirm how new this architecture is, compared to existing generators, and to explore its literary consequences.

Arthur Lefèvre’s work is based on two approaches : first a theoretical approach based on concepts of narratology and linguistics, concurrently to already existing concepts of digital literature. Secondly, establishing a model for the "mondes-racontés" from social and human sciences and their translation in computer science (multi-agent systems, neural networks, artificial worlds, etc.).

Those two reflection approaches will lead this research work during the creation of a cyberpunk narrative in which different kinds of generators will assemble and answer each other. This will highlight several possible uses for generators (real-time literature, relation generated texts/"manual", etc.), thus drawing a generative rhetoric based on algorithmic nuances.

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