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Olivier Crepin

2014 PhD contract
Doctoral school: Pratiques et théories du sens (University Paris 8)

Olivier Crepin

Thesis: the graphic novel exposed to its contemporary transmedia mutations: editorial and narrative perspectives

Directed by Lionel Ruffel

Author and publisher of graphic novels, Olivier Crepin holds a Master in Comics Studies at the EESI (École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image). In 2012, he created the publishing house Rutabaga and his first graphic novel Lidocaine was selected in 2013 by the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée. Drawing on his passion and experience in the field of graphic novels, Olivier Crepin wishes to develop his research on how to redesign this successful form according to transmedia practices.

Olivier Crepin’s thesis project will focus on the evolution of graphic novels, from creation, through industrialization, even standardization, to an interdisciplinary practice: a transmedia narrative. He proposes to approach this new field with a specific point of view, related to his theoretical background as well as his double status as author and publisher.

Through the rhythm of the narrative and its disruptions, three aspects of comics conception will be questionned: at the level of the author, the publisher, and the reader.

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