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Ouvrir Bazin

(Open Up Bazin)

Edited Book
(Eds Hervé Joubert-Laurencin and Dudley Andrew)

Éditions de l’œil

ISBN : 978-2-35137-158-9

364 p.

Retail price : 35 €

Paris Nanterre (Nanterre)
Histoire des arts et des représentations (Paris Ouest) - EA 4414 (Paris Ouest)

How can we understand and read the most renowned film critic, founder of the Cahiers du cinéma and author of Qu’est-ce que le cinéma ? (What is cinema ?), this classic best-seller since more than fifty years ?

Today, what do we do with the wide application scope of André Bazin’s work ? Thorough in reflection and baroque in its form, it can actually be found in more than two thousands five hundred articles or essays, and twenty books. That is what Ouvrir Bazin endeavours to do, resulting from the work of twenty-five international cinema researchers

Hervé Joubert-Laurencin is Professor of Esthetics and Cinema History at University Paris Ouest-Nanterre. He also wrote Le Sommeil Paradoxal. Ecrits sur André Bazin published by the Editions de l’œil.


Dudley Andrew is Professor of Film Studies and director of the Department of Comparative Literature at Yale University. He wrote a biography of André Bazin which was translated in French in 1983. He also wrote What Cinema Is ! in 2014.

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