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Pauline Gourlet

2014 PhD contract
Doctoral school : Cognition, langage, interaction

Pauline Gourlet

Thesis : new literacies of the learner : forms, uses and circulations

Directed by Françoise Decortis

Pauline Gourlet graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), and is currently researcher at the EnsADLab in the laboratory Sociable Media. She is interested in forms of knowledge and in the transition from one form of writing to another, in translation between systems of knowledge coding.

Knowledge was produced and passed on according to a vertical model which is today is crisis, especially because of a horizontal mediation enabled digital technologies. In the current climate characterized by the emergence of digital platforms for knowledge sharing, design plays an important part as far as conception of new models is concerned.

Pauline Gourlet’s thesis project aims at developing this research according to two approaches : on one hand, organizing an iterative design process destined to produce and assess new kinds of knowledge sharing interfaces in educational environments, both digital and physical. On the other hand, she will thoroughly analyze existing platforms and collective intelligence processes. The combination of those two approaches will enable Pauline Gourlet to understand how knowledge is produced, structured and shared.

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