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Pauline Le Boulba

2013 PhD contract
Doctoral school : Esthétique, sciences et technologies des arts (University Paris 8)

Thesis : Performing criticism. Critical gestures and choreographic words.

Directed by : Isabelle Ginot

After studying Performing Arts at the University of Caen, Pauline Le Boulba passes a master’s degree in 2008 after some research on contemporary dance in Burkina Faso. When she returned, she worked with the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen/Basse-Normandie (National Choreographic Center) as an assistant on Manta (2009) by Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux, co-directors of the CCN. She also worked on the 2008 Festival Danse d’Ailleurs where she met the choreographer Nacera Belaza who came to present Le Cri. Then she decided to start research on this work as part of the second year of her master’s degree at University Paris 8.

She starts to extend her research to French choreography from the end of the nineties until now, observing how artists pass from choreographic, discursive and political changes to forms of performance based on creation process’ visibility.

Pauline Le Boulba’s thesis intends to face a transfer that affects reasearch and which is forced by these practices. On one hand, the idea is to suggest a description and an analysis of this transfer, finding different constructions of a research subject which main feature is its instable, labile and procedural nature. On another hand, it is about renouncing the dichotomy theory vs practice, criticism vs creation, in order to lean on research processes as invented by artists themselves.

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