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The art of critique through Pasolini #1


19 November 2014
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Université Paris 8
Amphi D002
2 rue de la Liberté
93200 Saint-Denis

Metro Saint-Denis Université (line 13)

Those conferences are part of the series "The art of critique through Pasolini", coordinated by Anne-Violaine Houcke, Hervé Joubert-Laurencin and Cécile Sorin.

Critique in writing: visionary narrative and critique of modernity (1972-1975)

The laboratory that is Petrolio fueled everything Pasolini wrote in the 70s. All those texts can be considered almost as a unique book (with its expression as a film, Salò) which goes back over the same subjects, the same obsessions, developing forms of narration and critique influenced by different registers.

Philology as a mask. Pasolini, literary critic

Pier Paolo Pasolini greatly contributed to the field of philology, this field also has a particular importance in his literary works. In uncompleted texts, but especially in Petrolio, Pasolini sets an original apparatus: the "philological meta-novel". Thanks to this literary fiction, he fakes the reconstruction of a fragmentary text by an imaginary philologist who is a mask for a Pasolini-narrator.

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