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Performing the law - the symposium

3 days of conferences and performances

30 January-1 February 2014

Institut Français du Royaume-Uni
17 Queensberry place,
London, SW7 2DT

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Contemporary art performances and procedural theatre productions have increasingly questioned legal concepts, practices and language. But we also speak of judicial performance and performativity of the law. This event will question : « effective v virtual » performance of the law. The corpus is vast but complementary all making use of the notion of « performance » (theatre, arts, cinema, rhetoric, philosophy, television and of course the law itself -justice, process and trial, etc.).

How does the law perform itself ? What in the law (or in legal performance) does this ? What is effective in any performance of law and how, and for what ? for whom ?

With : Carey Young (artist), Christian Biet (art professor), Olive Martin (performance artist), Antoine Garapon (Judge) etc.

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