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Performing the law

Project leader:
Barbara Villez
In collaboration with:
Birkbeck College, University of London
University of California, Santa Barbara
Institut français du Royaume-Uni

The notion of performance is essential in justice (legal performance, attorney performing in court, performativity of a decision, etc.) as well as in art and acting ("performing arts" — theater, cinema, television).
Contemporary artists also question law, contracts, what a verbal transaction is worth, and use new ephemeral, even immaterial, forms such as installations or performances in order to consider justice and law in an experimental and offbeat way.

In 2012, this project gave rise to two events: a photo exhibition of Richard Ross’ work at the University of Paris Ouest, and a performance by two guest artists, Patrick Bernier and Oliver Martin, entitled "Plaidoirie pour une jurisprudence" and presented at the University of New-York in Paris.

In 2013, the project continued on the subject "From art to activism" with Richard Ross returning for a meeting with the documentary maker Yvonne Jewkes on images’ performativity.

The collaboration that started in 2013 with Birkbeck College’s departments goes on and is strengthened in 2014 with two conferences, in London from January 31st until February 1st. Thereafter, several events in Paris (and Nice) in 2015 will carry out the research on performance. Throughout the year, the seminar "Justice, images, langages, cultures" will demonstrate the progress of research in this field.

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