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Social and documentary photography from the 1930s

Project leader: Christian Joschke

This project aims at strengthening a vast corpus of photographs scattered in many French and foreign collections, which have in common that the photographers belong to working-class culture associations, particularly the Association des Écrivains et Artistes Révolutionnaires (Association of Revolutionary Writers and Artists).

The research project is based on the Christian Bouqueret collections, acquired by the Centre Pompidou in 2011 and composed of more than 7000 photographs. The project will lead to an international symposium, an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, an exhibition catalogue published by Xavier Barral Editions and a collaborative book from the symposium. It aims at being linked to several main research projects from abroad, dealing with similar questions. Thanks to PhD and master degree students involved, the project will deeply connect training and research.

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The Laboratory of Excellence in Arts and Human Mediations is part of the “Investments for the future” program since 2011. As part of this program, its members conduct research following three main lines: situations, technologies, hybridization.

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