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Pierre Guillot

2013 PhD contract
Doctoral school : Esthétique, sciences et technologies des arts (University Paris 8)

Thesis : Writing spatialization in time

Directed by : Anne Sédès

Pierre Guillot passed his master’s degree at University Paris 8, while taking part in Anne Sédès’s project on sound spatialization by the musician, for the musician. (projet Labex Arts-H2H). He still works on this project, while initiating his research on writing spatialization in time.

Writing time and spatialization are part of issues at stake in today’s electroacoustic music. Whether it be for sound installations, electronic or combined works, composition practices aim at creating interaction, developing scenarios adaptable to time and, more generally, at designing innovative and diverse temporal structures.

Spatialization has become one of the main dimensions of contemporary musical reflection. The age of Stockhausen’s turning table seems far away now, and new tools for spatialization bring new musical prospects, where the sound space is considered as complex and multidimensional.

From these new musical practices arise new composition constraints that needs new forms of writing, and a need for new representations of space and time. Thus it becomes necessary to offer musicians new tools, adapted to these specific approaches of sound and time space.

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