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Practicing voice on stage

Project leader: Ana Wegner

In collaboration with:
Université de Picardie Jules Verne
POP-LAB - Laboratório de estudos em Filosofia pop (UNIRIO – Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)
USP – Universidade de São Paulo

This international symposium aims at promoting a meeting between artists, researchers and professors which will deal with the issues of teaching and vocal performance in performing arts. We will combine theoretical approaches and practical experiences in order not to pull thinking apart from practicing. Based on contemporary creation, we will focus our thoughts and experiences on three lines : actors’ vocal training; the use of new sound technologies on stage; and the aesthetics of staging where voices represent theatrical material that initiates research on how a performance is perceived. During this event, several researchers invited by the scientific committee and selected according to intercultural and transdisciplinary aspects will give presentations, and round-table conferences between practicioners and theorists as well as workshops will be open to the public.

Three main lines will be approached:

- Shaping one’s voice: techniques, training, transmission. Analyzing several voice training methods for the actor, to highlight a necessary transdisciplinary approach of voices;

- Voices and new technologies: amplifying, digitizing, synthesizing. Thinking about what is at stake in the more and more common use of new technologies that amplify, modulate and dematerialize voices, whether for the actor himself in its training process or for the spectator who experiences a transformed approach to theatrical performance;

- The voice on stage: aesthetics, creations, experiences.
Analyzing and criticizing performances or directors’ aesthetics for whom vocality represents theatrical material in its own right, as well as changes and research on the performance’s perception.

The event will take place on November 16-17-18, 2015. We will put into perspective connections between theory and practice, based on three main activities: workshops open to the public, scientific presentations and round-table conferences with directors, actors and voice professionals.

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