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Practising voice on stage : workshops

From learning to vocal performing

November 16-18, 2015

Théâtre Gérard PhilipeRetour ligne automatique
59, boulevard Jules GuesdeRetour ligne automatique
93207 Saint-Denis
Metro : Basilique de Saint-Denis (line 13)

2 bis rue du Conservatoire
75009 Paris
Metro: Bonne Nouvelle (line 8 and 9)

As part of the international symposium "Practicing voice on stage, from learning to vocal performing", 5 workshops will take place with contributors from various countries and with diverse educational and artistic approaches.

For who?
Actors, singers, theater students and researchers in theater studies. This symposium aims at creating a space for connections between artists, researchers and trainers around the topics of teaching and vocal performing in performing arts. In addition to the workshops detailed below, the event will offer conferences, contributions and roundtables about the importance of the voice in contemporary theater.

Fees: 20 euros per workshop (4 hours) and 40 euros for the 8-hour workshop.

End date for registration: October 18, 2015

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