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Project leader:
Gaétan Darquié

In collaboration with:
University of Michigan

The project "Prévu" consists in implementing a platform that displays a specific data corpus: the data of the University Paris 8’s library. The aim is to encourage scientific research through the consultation of these data, and to develop new research practices and new forms of scientific writing.

The project also aims at proposing new ways to get to the catalog and data of the academic library of Paris 8, thanks to infographics and an elaborate design. Finally, Prévu proposes to explore how data can be a means of expression and creation by giving artists access to these data throughout the project.

This project will last three years and follow three successive stages: a stage of creation and adaptation of data displays, the development of the platform and the development of services enabled by the platform data.

Every stage will lead to a prototype: (I) a demonstrator highlighting the project’s relevance and data’s potential will be created during the first year ; (II) a platform for the automation of the access to data for data displays and certain requests will be created at the end of the second stage ; (III) the complete platform, open and upgradeable, will be online and available during the third year.

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