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Prose musicale et geste instrumental

The Six Bagatelles for string quartet opp 9 by Anton Webern

Jean-Paul Olive and Alvaro Oviedo

Presses Universitaires de Rennes

ISBN : 978-2-7535-3506-0

173 pages

14 euros

About the Six Bagatelles for string quartet, composed by Anton Webern in Vienna in the 1910s, Arnold Schoenberg said : "but having known how to contain a whole novel in a simple gesture, to express happiness in only one breath exhalation, here is what involves a focused mind ignored by those who bask in pouring out their emotions".

By strictly combining analytic and aesthetic approaches, this book proposes an understanding model for a music which musical and poetic density, as well as utmost refinement, defy interpreters and provoke listeners.

A DVD - Bagatelle Inventory, directed by Stéphane Gatti - is added to the book. It includes a documentary enabling another understanding of the Six Bagatelles opp 9 through visual and auditive sensitivity. This documentary shows how the young Van Kuijk quartet progressively takes over the score and attempts to reproduce its aesthetic content. The book and the movie thus were created with a wish to show how interpretation, at the heart of the musical phenomenon, is a physical and spiritual adventure, a reflexive and emotional exploration, a technical and aesthetic approach : a process which passes on life of writing, in the depth and complexity of gestures and signs.

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