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Prova di traduzione

Performance presented by La Langue du Bourricot

A scene study about the collaborative translation of Au nom du peuple italien , by Matteo Bacchini.


Sarah Battistella
Paolo Bellomo
Marie-Amandine Fredj


Lara Di Pippo
Céline Frigau Manning
Laurène Haslé
Romane Lafore
Caterina Orsenigo
Francesco Perrone
Carole Ravenelle


Paolo Taccardo

**Lighting creation

Luigi d’Aria


Mariacristina Di Martino

Special thanks

Matteo Battistella, Anthony Cordingley, Céline Frigau Manning, Lionel Parlier, Jacopo Rafaelle, the Department of Theater Studies and the Master T3L from the University Paris 8.

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