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Quand le soir tient le jour enfermé [ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΑ]

Interactive theater

Thursday, June 5th 2014
8:30 pm

Théâtre 95
Allée du Théâtre
RER Line A3 direction Cergy-le-Haut, arrêt «Cergy-Préfecture»

Free admission by reservation:
01 30 38 11 99

Why speaking when we know we won’t be heard, why letting a degenerate generation speak, a generation with a coded language, just like its tools, inaccessible to the naked human eye? Why speaking when everything incites us to keep quiet, to behave, to follow the ships going off to war or the dark road of the deceased, disappearing into oblivion?

That is the question asked by Cassandra, called Alexandra (the one who causes men’s misfortune) in an obsessive, passionate language: an "obscure poem" rediscovered by Pascal Quignard after having been forgotten for centuries, last remembrance of the Greek poet Lycophron. This 3d-century BC poem tells the mysterious prophecies of the one who was called crazy, in a condensed and sensitive language.

This opening will present the first stage of a work on a man-machine interaction device, through an avatar communicating by gestures. The moving scenery, a monumental digital projection, will be combined with spatialized sound immersing the audience in Lycophron’s obscure poem.

> Clara Chabalier presents a first stage of her work on the myth of Cassandra. She studies man/machine interaction at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique.
> The project gathers laboratories SFL Structure ​Formelle du ​Langage ​and INRéV (Image Numérique et Réalité Virtuelle) ​de l’Université Paris 8,​ LAM Laboratoire d’Analyse du Mouvement, the association ​​Arts Résonances​, the company ​SolidAnim​ ​specialized in movement recording and the ​​UQAM​ ​​​(Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada).

> With: Clara Chabalier, Venia Stamatiadi
> Real-time scenography: Vicky Bisbiki​, ​Judith Guez, ​Jean-François Jégo
> Real-time sound creation: Vicky Bisbiki
> Assistant director: Thomas Morisset
> Dramaturgy: Jean-Loup Rivière

> As part of the CNSAD’s open days

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