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Stories and images of dreams

Project leader:
Charles Ramond

In collaboration with:
Galleria Palatina
Villa Finaly (Florence)

While everyone agree that dreams are essentially visual, that is to say composed of images, why are dreams mainly conveyed by stories in mythology, literature and psychoanalysis? This is the question the project "Stories and images of dreams" wishes to answer.

Such a project relies on several inquiries to be led:


An artistic inquiry in patrimonial collections, about images of dreams in painting or cinema, their characteristics and reasons for which the genre "paintings/films of dreams that someone had" might be a missing genre.


A literary inquiry on dream stories tracers, their possible formal specificities, the possibility or impossibility to distinguish the description of a object absent or in a dream from the description of an object observed or present.

A philosophical inquiry on the nature of perception and broadly, the nature of reality and "realism": if we spontaneously say that we "see" things in our dreams, by using the same word as when we say that we "see" things in the real wold, is it because we structure our dreams just like reality, or on the contrary is it because we structure reality just like our dreams, that is to say just like our speeches?


An experimental/scientific part could be added to the project, a collaboration with research teams in neuro-biology specialized in dreams, on the question of the "rapid eye movement".

Website of the project: rir.labex-arts-h2h.fr


©Albrecht Durer, "Vision de rêve", 1525, watercolor on paper, 30x43cm, Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum.

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