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Remapping the film musical

Workshop #1

June 4-6, 2015

Room Vasari (June 4-5)
Room Walter Benjamin (June 6)
2, rue Vivienne
75002 Paris

Metro: Bourse (line 3)

This first step of the « Musical MC² » project is meant to be both a public conference introducing what is at stake when studying the American film musical and a workshop to experiment with collaborative work as an international team. Some presentations will focus on methodology and June 6 is dedicated to the elaboration of digital tools and to the follow-up of the project. The discussions are open to all including future and current PhD students.

The Hollywood film musical may seem like an object is obvious to French film studies or American musicology. But there are still questions to be raised. We will try here to open a dialogue between countries and academic fields (film studies, musicology, dance, English and media studies....). We’ll feature and discuss new sources and documents (archives of stage shows, records, television and radio shows) which have not yet been systematically referred to in film history.

The first session postulates that the history of the film musical is related to that of the stage musical. To what extent can the knowledge of Broadway shows explain some of the major film productions of the classical era ? How are cinematic performances based on stage practices and how do they respond to the technical aspects of cinema?

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