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Rodin et la danse de Çiva

(Rodin and the Dance of Shiva)

Edited by Katia Légeret

Presses Universitaires de Vincennes

ISBN 978-2-84292-395-2


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In 1913, Auguste Rodin wrote La danse de Çiva (the Dance of Shiva), after having contemplated photographs of sculptures representing nataraja, the “Lord of Dance”. This text, here republished, shows the powerful bounds built by Rodin between the world of extra-European dance, his famous Dance movements from 1910, and the Venuses, Bouddhas and Indian wood that he collected.

Through the androgynous figure of Shiva the Cosmic Dancer, Rodin invites us to bring a new perspective at his personal works as well as Indian dance theater. The interferences he suggests between sculpture, poetry, dance, theater, music, photography and architecture are rich and intensely resonate with nowadays’ art. This book links research from art historians, poets and French or Indian artists who translated and staged the Dance of Shiva in several Indian languages and their corporal languages.

Katia Légeret is professor at the Department of Theater at University Paris 8 and has an international career in bharata-natyam, Indian dance theater, under the name of Manochhaya. She published La Gestuelle des mains dans le théâtre dansé indien (Hands gestures in Indian dance theater), Geuthner, 2004 and Danse contemporaine indienne et théâtre indien : un nouvel art ? (Indian contemporary dance and Indian theater : a new art ?), PUV, 2010.

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