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Saclay - Panorama

Superimposed landscapes

Antoine Vialle

Kaiserin éditions

ISBN 978-2-9539867-6-1

440 p.

38 euros.

"This book draws a human-sized map, from the sidewalk to the horizon". Antoine Vialle.

Through 2 300 photographs, he records landscapes drawn by the communication interfaces of Saclay’s scientific campus, established on a Île-de-France plateau for several decades. Just like it appears to a pedestrian, a car driver, the territory is shown through its banality, its repetitions, but also through the beauty of its green and natural aspect.


With a theoretical essay combined with an interview of the landscaper Gilles Clément, this book tries to understand the contradictory dialogue between distance and proximity in urban planning. The historical reference to the panorama painted in the 19th century is used as a key for understanding our relation to urban landscapes. What would a contemporary metropolis panorama look like and what would it show ?


Between a city renewing itself and a disturbing horizon, almost awkward - the agricultural horizon - the notion of superimposed landscapes appears. Between signs on the ground of the road, between gaps of a green scenery with dislocated perspectives, appears an irregular and fragile city. A city in the making, which norm needs to be understood in order to be transformed before the Grand Paris.


Antoine Vialle is an architect who studied at the École nationale supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Belleville in 2007 and project manager on its own since 2008.

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