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Tatiana Frolova

Artist invited in 2016

Writer and director

With a diploma from the Cultural Institute of Khabarovsk (direction), Tatiana Frolova created the KnAM Theater in her hometown Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Russian Far-East) during the Soviet era. This theater was one of the first independent theaters in Russia and Tatiana Frolova has been creating her shows there with very little means for thirty years.

Collectively creating a show is why the KnAM theater exists, since it was born in 1985 : "Every time we work on a new show, we tacitly accept the following conditions : immersion in the subject, detailed exploration of the chosen topic and personal implication of every one. Only people who work collaboratively, and not only performers, can find the unexpected and accurate images and metaphors that will be able to provoke change in the spectator’s conscience. To me, this approach is the most precious and I wish to share this experience with French students."

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