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Text/ures: Books as Objects, from Print to Digital

Call for Papers

Until April 30th 2014

Symposium: November 19-21, 2014.

As part of the project "Text/ures"
Project chairs: Anne Chassagnol et Gwen Le Cor

Text/ures: Books as objects, from print to digital is an international and trans-disciplinary project that explores a wide scope of hybrid objects ranging from artist books, movable books and book sculptures to composite works of contemporary literature and digital books. Who are these objects intended for? Which reading temporality or which temporizing do these works necessitate? How is sense offered, proposed, displayed? More generally, are these book-objects destined to be seen, read, exhibited, unfolded, collected or archived?

This symposium seeks to explore the intersections between children’s literature, contemporary literature and artist books through their shared history or evolution towards a new form of materiality. We encourage proposals on the following themes as well as those that weave diverging approaches on possible forms of texture in book-objects:

>Textures of Children’s Literature: Pop-up books, flip-books, tunnel books, and carousel books can be analyzed from a historical perspective. Hybrid by nature, neither children’s books nor solely artist’s books, they offer a reading dynamics where the realm of childhood and the world of art meet in a variety of experimentations by creating enchanting origami or typographic sculptures.

>Contemporary Textures and Writings: We seek to explore texts whose work with substance, texture and visual forms makes them permeable to the themes captured in artist books. Proposals should investigate the poetic textile in its very materiality by focusing on book-objects and art works whose textures question writing as a purely textual form.

>Archiving Texture: Exhibiting, Distributing and Restoring Books as Objects: The three dimensional format of book-objects and their distinct architectural features, also invite reflections on issues of conservation.

Please submit your 300-400 word abstract using the EasyChair Conference system easychair before April 30th, 2014. Proposals can be in English or in French and should include a title, biography and contact information of contributors.

>Anne Chassagnol (Université Paris 8, Département des études anglophones, EA1569).
>Claudine Hervouët (BnF)
>Gwen Le Cor (Université Paris 8, Département des études anglophones, EA1569).
>Jacques Vidal-Naquet (BnF)

>Cécile Boulaire (Université de Tours/ Afreloce)
>Anne Chassagnol (co-chair, Université Paris 8)
>Claudine Hervouët (BnF)
>Gwen Le Cor (co-chair, Université Paris 8)
>Marine Planche (BnF)
>Arnaud Regnauld (Université Paris 8)
>Stéphane Vanderhaeghe (Université Paris 8)
>Jacques Vidal-Naquet (BNF)
>Yann Potin (Archives Nationales)
>Emmanuel Mahé (EnsAD)
>Emmanuel Cyriaque (éditions HYX)

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