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The augmented stage

Project leader: Erica Magris

For around twenty years, new technologies have brought deep changes to the theater stage but also to the three key-figures from modern staging: the actor, the director, the teacher. As hybrid or synthetic bodies rub shoulders with flesh bodies, as transdisciplinary practices changing theater in its various and broadcasted forms unfold, what do theater artists become? How do their techniques and their work methods are transformed? What is their place in society?

The project is organized in three parts: the acting, creation practices and transmission. It aims at producing an organic thinking on the changes experienced by theater, being based on a multiple methodology combining field surveys, historical research, theoretical developments and experimental practice.

Labex Arts-H2H

The Laboratory of Excellence in Arts and Human Mediations is part of the “Investments for the future” program since 2011. As part of this program, its members conduct research following three main lines: situations, technologies, hybridization.

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