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The conscious body III

Meetings and performances

June 8-10th 2014
6:15 pm - 9:30 pm

Centre National de la Danse
1, rue Victor Hugo
93507 Pantin cedex

Free admission by reservation

3 days of activities open to the public, as part of the project Labodanse with the choreographer Myriam Gourfink and several contributors.

Performative labs: we invite you to join us for a presentation of Myriam’s work with recording of real-time data on dancers and the audience. The audience will be asked questions before and after the presentation.

Hours: 6:15 pm - 8:00 pm or 7:45 pm - 9:30 pm
Reservation: contact.labodanse@gmail.com

The Conscious Body III: during this third session, we invite academics and dance/performance makers to explore together the inter-subjective space occupied by the performer and spectator.

Invited contributors:
> Rosalind Crisp (choreographer)
> Natalie Depraz (philosopher)
> Frédéric Deslias (choreographer)
> Alessandro D”Ausilio (neuroscientist)
> Myriam Gourfink (choreographer)
> Catherine Stevens (cognitive psychologist)

Several over interventions are planned (installations, performances, scientific papers) as well as a performance by Myriam Gourfink at the end of the day.

Inscriptions: tcb3.2014@gmail.com

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