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The infinite body

Project leader: Claire Bras

In collaboration with:
Académie Fratellini
Compagnie Ki Productions

The project is situated between an organic universe and a technological universe. Research focuses on the experience of weightlessness movements, through the body of an air acrobat. It combines circus, image, sound, digital and textile creation around the body as a medium in order to question the relations between a real body/projected body.

An immersive environment will reproduce the conditions similar to zero gravity perception. The image, vehicle for memory and senses, will be combined to proprioceptive modifications induced by shift of the viewpoint, causing the loss of gravitational point of reference, a viewpoint dispersed in the circular space, the sound spatialization increasing the effect of internal movements.

An experimental set will question image & sound positionning, interaction, relation between the device, the acrobat’s body and the spectator. The aim is to create a new real-time perception of the weightless body in the circus’ scenic space.

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