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The infinite body


Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

ENS Louis-Lumière
Cité du Cinéma
Room 12
20 rue Ampère
93200 Saint-Denis

Metro: Carrefour Pleyel (line 13)

This conference falls within the research-creation project "The Infinite Body", led by Kistou Dubois, choreographer, and Claire Bras, professor at the ENS Louis-Lumière. This project, situated between a technological and organic universe, focuses on movement in a gravity-free environment, through the body of air acrobats. It combines circus, image, sound, digital and textile creation around the body as a medium, in order to question the relations real body/projected body.

Being in weightless conditions is an infinite body experience, in that it remains in the air, suspended itself in a transitory form. This state which erases gravitational points of references, opens up to a redefinition of its own limites and reconfigures the body outline, thanks to a subjective exploration of the desoriented organism.

Our objective is to initiate a relevant collective and speculative exploration, to feed minds with a conceptual opening towards contemporary projections related to the topic. This day will gather scientists, theoreticians and creators, so that they stimulate thinking, set off creation of body gestures, visual and sound environments, make the ideas of innovative technical stage devices emerge.

Free admission subjected to availability.
Access to the Cité du Cinéma is regulated, please register before June 24: invitation@ens-louis-lumiere.fr.

Organization: Jean-Luc Soret - 06 60 90 93 85 -jlsoret@gmail.com

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