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Theory for photographic action

Project leaders:
Michelle Debat
Paul-Louis Roubert

The research project Theory for photographic action wants to question the notion of Action(s) in relation to a theory of photography struggling with photographic creation.

As a process and image, photography acts and encourages action. It contributes to visual arts as the term is commonly understood: on one hand by reinventing the role of discursivity in contemporary art — thus shifting the question of the author to the actor — and on the other hand by questioning theorization of the term "action" itself using photographic image, in a pragmatic dimension.

Then: "do and make-do" or "what photographs do and what photographs make do" will
be new practical and theoretical issues of photographic action for a new thinking of photography as a theoretical object feeding new practices, forms and projects where it is not only image but also actor.

We will examine those research issues during a one-day conference (2014, ENS Louis Lumière) and an international symposium (2015, MAC/VAL) where theoretical debates will go along with exhibitions from young researchers and artists.

Photo credit: Florentine Charon, Vue d’installation (detail), Pression inversée, 2013, photographs and videos, © Florentine Charon

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