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Collaborative translation

Project leaders:
Anthony Cordingley
Céline Frigau Manning

In collaboration with:
ITEM, multilingual team, Translation, Creation
Labex TransferS
Maison de l’Italie (Cité Universitaire Internationale)
Dublin City University

If translation is a necessary mediation in art as well as in everyday life, the conditions of its practice remain rarely questioned or explained. Going against the myth of the translator as unique author, this project intends to explore and put into perspective different aspects of collaborative translation as a creative activity part of a given institutional situation. The project also studies the influence and effects of digital technologies on translation practices. Based on the example of theater and digital literature, we will begin to make an inventory of new practices and we will illustrate it with a theoretical reflection on translator(s) know-how. This review and analysis work will go along with a collaborative digital device specifically conceived for theater translation.

Through the subject of "collaborative translations", we will discuss the relation between several phenomenon such as: cooperation between communities from different cultures in order to pass on knowledge, science and literature ; collaborations between authors and translators ; negotiations and compromises between a translator, a reviewer and a publisher ; the share of human contact and virtual exchanges.


The translation work thus appears as a perfect touchstone to explore different forms of cultural mediation, and the paradoxical destiny of the translated text: both necessary and impossible to finalize, with a constant need to be retranslated, in several languages and several writings, following the reflection Derrida started in his article on "Des tours de Babel".

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Our website: collaborativetranslation.labex-arts-h2h.fr


June 2014 : European meeting IATIS.


All our events are developed and organized in collaboration with professors and students from the master T3L.

The project relies on our team’s specific competences, which has been working in two fields that are strongly related to collaborative practices: theater translation and digital humanities. Being scholars as well as translators, we want to carry out a critical approach which will give rise to a short publication, translation workshops and a collaborative digital device dedicated to theater.

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