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Transcultu-ralité(s) : arts du spectacle vivant et littératures de l’Inde contemporaine

Online publication
Edited by Katia Légeret

After a one-day conference in 2013, both theoretical and practical, didactic and poetic, and which managed to gather all performing arts in order to stretch some cultural limites through a reflection between artists on their art, and between researchers interested in Indian literature, the papers are published online.

Thanks to their critical approach of certain representations of the body related to the sacred, the religious or the question of gender, how do those artists express themselves in terms of breaking or transgressing cultural policies of globalization ? What kind of new do they create and what kind of "India" do they show ? On poetic street stages open to the foreigner, to urban architecture or on the contrary to invisible, virtual, reserved or restricted spaces, why does parcelled texts are recurring ?

Aphorisms, oral transmission of excerpt learned by heart and not translated, words in a whisper or kept quiet, words chanted or recited inside, sensitive textualities of written bodies that write, outlined bodies drawing with gestures or color powders, torn, deconstructed, recomposed texts thanks to the creation of nomadic, interstitial spaces between those researchers-artists performing on India : what account of today’s world and what meaning do they give to these inter/intra-semantic transfers between dance, poetry, theater, cinema, sculpture, music, marionettes and photography ?

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