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Transhumanités : Fictions, formes et usages de l’humain dans les arts contemporains

(Transhumanities : Fictions, forms and use of the human in contemporary arts)

Edited book (eds Isabelle Moindrot and Sangkyu Shin)

Published by l’Harmattan

Local & Global Collection

N° ISBN : 978-2-343-00836-3
336 p.

33 €

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Recent developments in digital technology and genetic manipulation are not only ways to stimulate human abilities, as much intellectual as physical : these developments contribute to a transformation of the human being. Throughout history, we have been accustomed to an evolution of social practices and mentalities, and economic logics encourage us to promote such evolution and even anticipate it in order to be more innovative. Therefore, why are we weakened before the transformations of the human being ? Why do we feel like we are in front of a turning point, a mutation which effects will be deeper and more permanent ?


Isabelle Moindrot is Professor of Theater Studies at University Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis and Director of the Labex Arts-H2H.


Sangkyu Shin is Professor at the Ewha Institute for Humanities (Seoul), and in charge of the research team studying posthumanism.

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