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Traverser Bazin 13 in Film Criticism

Traverser Bazin 13 : special chapter on cinema criticism in Arts (1952-1966) in the journal Film Criticism (January 2015)

Editors : Marco Grosoli and Hervé Joubert-Laurencin

Film Criticism, Vol. XXXIX, N°1, Fall 2014

In collaboration with :
School of Arts, University of Kent in Canterbury
Film Criticism

In the number of texts, what André Bazin wrote for the magazine Arts (1952-1966) is negligible although interesting. However, the young François Truffaut created in the very Parisian journal of the "Hussards" a real defensive camp of criticism with "Cahiers" and "Nouvelle Vague", and made his friends Rohmer, Rivette and Godard write for them, at a time when he was himself making a name thanks to Bazin via a controversial article about "A certain tendency of French cinema".

This chapter of the history of French criticism is not well-known and is now studied for the first time with our work, based on the conference that took place in London last June, in partnership with the University of Kent in Canterbury (School of Arts) and the Institute of Contemporary Art of London.

The issue includes 5 articles : one on the "Hussards" literature by a French specialist named Marc Dambre, and the others about politics and aesthetics of "auteur theory", about the role of Eric Rohmer in Arts, the relationship of Bazin and Truffaut and Jacques Laurent’s journal, Jacques Rivette’s art of criticism and a preface by Dudley Andrew.

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