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Two documentaries on Les Bagatelles of Webern (opus 9)


Bagatelles inventaire, Stéphane Gatti, 2014

Non multa sed multum, Frédéric Sabouraud, 2013

As part of the Labex Arts-H2H, two documentaries about the Bagatelles of Webern (opus 9) were successively created.

Two different approaches of musical interpretation and its transmission through filmed gestures.



Created as part of the project "Musical prose and instrumental gesture", Stéphane Gatti’s film, Bagatelles inventaire, is dedicated to the study of The Six Bagatelles for string quartet by Anton Webern (opp. 9). Short, intense and known as very hard to play and listen to, these Bagatelles are incredibly lyrical, sensual and extraordinarily structured. Their musical and lyrical density gather the issues at the heart of Jean-Paul Olive’s project. Here, they are remarkably interpreted and analyzed by the Van Kuijk quatuor, with Theodor Adorno’s attentive look.


Bagatelles Inventaire, Stéphane Gatti, 2014.



Initiated as part of this project, Frédéric Sabouraud’s film, Non multa sed multum, though inspired by musical research of the team "Musical prose and instrumental gesture", clearly draws away from it by proposing lyrical moments that brings out Webern’s work. Taking the chance of being "impure", favoring a gathering of sounds, images, texts and voices, it suggests to go through the musical piece concerned with the quest and experience. It is interpreted by young musicians from the Pôle supérieur de musique 93.


Non multa sed multum, Frédéric Sabouraud, 2013.

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