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Musical dramaturgy through the idea of a "sensitive" space

Project leader:
Giordano Ferrari

In collaboration with:
Paris 8, Paris Ouest, CRD of Gennevilliers

During the 19th century, opera composers began to think theater as a space of expression which blends in musical writing. It is a "sensitive" space which conveys meaning: it can interpret the stage space, open it or even go beyond it. In the 20th century, this idea is developed thanks to theatrical avant-garde and helps to change how the stage in musical theater is seen (a stage that also becomes multimedia). The idea of "sensitive" space then opens up original prospecs to study processes tending to today’s musical theater forms.

We will try to understand complex relations between the space as thought by the composer, the real space of the stage, and the space perceived or imagined by the spectator. Then, we think that intuitive and artistic research applied to come to a result "on stage" is very important for a real comprehension of the subject. Tha is why we will organize practical workshops with professionals (conductors, singers, directors...), young musicians (from the CRD of Gennevilliers) and researchers (also PhD students and Master students).

The project combines theoretical and methodological thinking with the study of important works and the confrontation with creation (workshops). In total, several symposiums and one-day conferences will take place between 2014 and 2016.

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