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Viviana Lipuma

2013 PhD contract
Doctoral school : Lettres, langues, spectacles (University Paris Ouest)

Thesis : The new system of images in the megalopoleis era

Directed by : Anne Sauvagnargues

Viviana Lipuma is an associate professor of philosophy and has also studied Film Studies at the University Paris 1 and the INA Sup.

At a crossroads between philosophy of image and contemporary uses of urban space, her thesis project intends to analyze the visual system of our current megalopoleis as well as the artistic forms that can be found in them, while considering the changes that occured in the way we perceive space and time due to the explosion of neoliberal cities and the speed of access to information.

Viviana Lipuma suggests the idea that 21st century cities must me analyzed through cinema, video and digital image. Nowadays, the conflict between a system of images-clichés coming from information and communications technology (web and television) but also new systems of images likely to resist them, seem at the heart of urban kinematics. São Paulo, neoliberal megalopolis with a scattered urbanization, turns into a flow of images-clichés played in the screens of our cars, our vehicles, our cellphones and our computers.

This new system of image in neoliberal megalopoleis seems to transform aesthetic and noetic functions traditionally assumed by art. Thus we will attempt to understand and define how images function in the era of current megalopoleis by crossing urban planning with political philosophy, aesthetics of the cinema and aesthetics of the TV, web and digital image, in order to define these new forms of city in the digital age.

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